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The end of Utrecht

Today marked the end of my living in Utrecht; I moved out of my room that I have been living in for the last 4 years! Looking back time has flown by really. Feels like just yesterday I was still stressing and pulling all nighters to graduate, right there on that very desk. This room has brought me many happy memories and introduced me to some amazing people. How ever much sadness I felt when I left my room earlier this afternoon, it also seems to have had a calming effect on me. Obviously that comes down to one less thing on my list of To-Do’s, but also it brings a new start and a clean slate into my life. I no longer have a house, which comes with commitments and costs. The nicest feeling is knowing I will come back to a clean slate in April, which will be followed by the search for the perfect new home. That, that is exciting and will certainly be paired with lots of inspiration, designs and interior decorating. Exciting times and lots to look forward to, but for now looking forward to being in Australia!


Smile Your Smile

I think sometimes we take life too seriously. It’s more noticeable now than ever, it’s all around us. Not only is the economy crumbling, health issues seem to be popping up on every corner and with winter hitting us in the northern hemisphere, the darkness and the cold are taking over our homes.

Laughter has proven a healthy addition to our lives, it ensures a lower blood pressure, gives a total workout for all our muscles (facial, back and abdominal) and it also improves our alertness, memory and creativity. And that, that’s where I come in – creativity!

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It’s just too dark and too cold. This is¬†definitely¬†one thing I’ll be glad to leave behind. However on the downside, I won’t be having a white Christmas… now that’s really upsetting!

Oh! The places you’ll go!

Oh! The places you'll go!When I was younger I was in complete amazement of Dr. Seuss. I fell in love with the drawings and the rhyming adventures. Anything is possible in the world of Dr. Seuss. The books are exactly what you want children to be, adventurous and full of imagination.

I found myself reading “Oh! The places you’ll go!” and realized that in matter of fact, these crazy books might actually have a deeper meaning. And dare I even say teach us some life lessons.

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