My not-so-secret love

by Heather File

Ode to
It may not be a deep or dark secret, it is however something that gives me the biggest smile and brings me happiness. To me there is no better feeling than opening up a clean, white, crisp, beautiful notebook. Turning that first page, and folding the crease is exciting. Then the nerves hit, “Don’t screw up the first page” “Write in your best handwriting”. And then the fulfillment of having a new notebook or journal to scribble in.

I really do hope I don’t sound like an obsessed person to you, but honestly you should give it a go!

On my first day in Australia, in an attempt to fight my jetlag we went to the shopping centre and spent some time walking around. One of the first shops my eye fell on was Kikki.K, a shop with a bright shop window and lots of stationary and paper. When walking in, I found myself in heaven. Not only does Kikki.K sell notepads and journals, they sell diaries, calendars, stationary, bags, folders, boxes, gifts and homeware. If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is.

Kikki.K is a company that started through, surprise surprise, love for stationary. It’s products are all based on Swedish design principles, the form and function being very important. We are all in need of more hours in a day, so why not organise your life with beautiful papers, and set your mind at ease? Use your energy for more important things in life!

Diary 2013 Coral
This coral red diary is a must have for 2013. I’m still contemplating on buying it, yes even though it’s already february! It comes in a daily version or a weekly, pending on how much writing space you need (ie how busy you think you are!)

Diaries and To Do
If you’re anything like me and you’re a sucker for To Do lists and checking off your jobs with big ticks, you need to get yourself on to the Kikki.K website. Finishing your chores was never this much fun!

Because there is more to life than keeping track of our busy schedules and our many chores to do, Kikki.K also has a wide range of notebooks and journals for other fun uses! You can find journals for your travels, journals to keep track of what your kids get up too, notebooks for your recipes, and of course birthday and address books. What makes Kikki.K special is that they have also got a line of inspirational journals; Gratitude, Happiness, Goals and Wellbeing to name a few. Journals to write in, get you thinking and bring a smile to your face.

Now you can’t tell me that after reading this you aren’t itching to start scribbling down your thoughts and ideas in a brand new book? And with so many patterns, materials and designs to choose from, there has to be one that tickles your fancy. Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing wrong with being organised in style.

With that I leave you with a question, What does your stationary say about you?