Drinks and Bites #1 – Baby Cafe & Pizzeria, Richmond.

by Heather File

After being in Australia for over three weeks and with life back to normal, it’s back to blogging. The last few weeks have been busy, catching up on sleep, visiting family and friends, celebrating the holidays and going down to the Gold Coast for a mini holiday. So far, Australia is treating me very well indeed!

Before I left Holland I spent some time looking at restaurants, cafés, coffee corners, shops and basically anything else that is designed well. Looking at interior, but also typography, lay-out, marketing and product design. Now that I’m here – the fun can begin!

We’ve been meeting up with a lot of Andrew’s friends since I got here. We met up with a friend of his from New Zealand and his fiance. The location of the catch up was to be Baby in Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne. A hip and well thought of Italian concept in one of the main shopping streets of Melbourne.


On arrival I fell in love with the signage of the cafe. Bright neon letters with an outspoken photograph welcomed us at the door. Inside the interior is plain, basic and straight forward. This however doesn’t mean it’s boring. The interior doesn’t need to be loud when the open planned kitchen does all the talking. Big windows ensure the cafe is filled with daylight, as the furniture blends in with the yellow/gold background.

Baby Interior

Not to forget the food! Visit Baby anytime of the day as they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you love classic Italian food, you’ll have lots to put your teeth into here. How about a breakfast pizza and a coffee to start off your morning? The specialities at Baby are the pan fried pizzas (The base of the pizza is fried in olive-oil) or their grilled pizzas. If you’re not that keen on pizza or looking for something lighter Baby has a wide selection of salads, authentic Italian pasta and not to forget lots of goodies for those with a sweet tooth.

Baby Food

Fun fact: instead of playing music in the toilets, you can learn Italian. Italian sayings can be heard in the restrooms, followed  by the English translation. Funny and useful!

This clean and simple concept combined with basic, authentic and good tasting food (For a good price!) has hit the right spot.

[Images via TimeOut]