Leaving on a jet plane

by Heather File

Jet Plane

Hope my plane doesn’t have these issues ..

Test run suitcase closing: Check. 

Hooray! My first test run for closing my suitcase was successful (That’s a first!). Happily surprised about that, but don’t get me started on the weight. That might just be my downfall. Can’t blame a girl for wanting lots of clothes, can you?

Everything seems te be sorted, packed or thrown out. All that remains is to take the “unwanted” stuff to my storage box.. Strange idea that today is my last day in Holland for awhile. However with the current weather I’m not all too sad about that.

It’s been a long and emotional week with lots of tears. But also a week in which I’ve been spoiled  rotten with Christmas presents and farewell gifts. It’s nice to know I have such a strong support of people standing behind me wishing me all the best. Makes it all just a tiny bit easier to leave.

But for now – I need an afternoon nap. Exhausted!