Holiday Festivities

by Heather File

Merry Lights

The past week has been a week full of festive celebrations and preparations. Last weekend saw my first Christmas tree being put up and decorated. Crystel and Jim had decided on a very original and most definitely fun theme for their Christmas: Efteling. The Efteling is a Dutch theme park which is based on (Dutch) fairytales. I myself have never been, but after seeing all these decorations and hearing the stories, I feel the need to go.


The tree got decorated with stunning balls and tinsel with images of Red Riding Hood, Aladin and some strange Dutch characters I will not even try and explain to you. It’s so festive and cheerful, I think it will put a smile on all the family and friends that visit the house throughout the Christmas season. During the decorating their cat, Momo, joined in by taking over the snow and turning it into her very own little home, keeping her nice and warm.

Warm Cozy

Further more this week has been filled by ‘Sinterklaas’ celebrations, a Dutch holiday involving a kind man from Spain who comes to Holland every year in November with his helpers. They stick around for a few weeks before finally on the evening of the 5th of December they go to all the children’s houses to bring presents – but only to the good children! This is celebrated by many Dutch people, not only the children. At our office we did a secret-santa theme where you write a poem and give a present. It was a lot of fun and it was great to have the whole team together in one place. We sat around our fireplace and read our poems, opened presents and had some great food.

I am now at my parents house where more Christmas festivities will kick off. As I won’t be home for Christmas this year we are having a pre-Christmas dinner tonight and exchanging presents (But only mine hihi!). Promises to be a fun night with many memorable quotes from the dinner table.