Smile Your Smile

by Heather File

I think sometimes we take life too seriously. It’s more noticeable now than ever, it’s all around us. Not only is the economy crumbling, health issues seem to be popping up on every corner and with winter hitting us in the northern hemisphere, the darkness and the cold are taking over our homes.

Laughter has proven a healthy addition to our lives, it ensures a lower blood pressure, gives a total workout for all our muscles (facial, back and abdominal) and it also improves our alertness, memory and creativity. And that, that’s where I come in – creativity!

Humor has a quick effect on us, in less than half a second after seeing or experiencing something funny, your brain processes the stimulation. The quick and easy way to make yourself happy, and ensure a smile or a laugh.

If we think about how much time we spend at home, or at our work it only makes sense that we should feel at home and feel happy in these spaces. We spend most of our days behind a computer, on a phone, in a kitchen or in the living room with a book or with the TV on. What easier than to bring humor and fun into your home? Simply by adding colour or something different and inspiring. It’s easily done and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. But the result will end in a colorful fun home which leaves you feeling happy and maybe even with a smile.

A world with more laughter is all we really need, don’t you think so?

[Board Smile created by Heather File – Images used from: Paul Smith / Shelter Interior Design / Jonathan Adler / Tom Dixon / Prego Sem Estopa / Andy Warhol]